工廠。屋架採洋風副同柱桁架(Queen-Post Truss)立於承重牆上


 板(44cm X 60cm),為園區內唯一具有石材地面的建築,型制特殊。

  Building A (former tin factory)

 Building A (former canning factory) was first drawn in the 1902

 "Tamsui Railway water pipeline map" and contains eight rectangular

  rooms used for Shell's primary oil canning production.

 A Queen-Post truss system was installed on the bearing wall and

 provides the unique structure of the building. Granite slabs were

 used over the column head as supporting stones for the truss system.

 The floor is laid with granite slabs six centimeters thick (44cm*60cm),

  lending the building an extraordinary style as the only building in the

  park with a stone floor.